We are based in Berkshire and can offer our members waters in Colnbrook and Burnham together with Wapseys Lake and also two stretches of the River Thames. We also run a number of club matches throughout the season. As members of the Thames Valley Angling Association we have access to the Wey Navigation and River Wey together with stretches of the River Thames at Cookham and Clewer Meadow. Also the Jubilee River at Dorney and Eton Wick and including the Roundmoor Ditch (Sewer Stream) together with the River Thames at Sandford and Weirs Mill Stream at Oxford




Dip Tanks

We now have in place dip tanks in place to help prevent KHV Virus being spread to our fish stocks. The product we are using in the tanks is widely used due to its effectiveness and also because your nets and mats do not need to be rinsed afterwards. All members are expected to dip their nets and mats prior to fishing but we would also expect them to actually have been dried from any previous use therefore giving further protection to our fish stocks

Local Lake KHV Virus Outbreak

It has been reported a that number of local lakes have suffered an outbreak of KHV Virus. In order to prevent the spread and an outbreak on our stillwaters ALL members are requested to ensure all of their nets are completely dry before they bring them to the bankside. Also once we have dip tanks in place these should also be used to disinfect your nets before you begin fishing. The above is very important due to the devastating effect KHV Virus has on a stillwater should an outbreak occur.